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Why can't I sign in? I know my password is correct!
Last Updated a year ago

If you have recently changed your password, please wait a few minutes for your new password to synchronize to other LU services. For example, if you have changed your password on an LU computer's login page, please wait before trying to log in to your email.

Normally the password sync will only take a few minutes, but it can take up to 30 minutes during periods of high load or service interruption.

If you are sure your password is correct, or you have reset it and waited more than 30 minutes and it still isn't working, click here to open a new ticket and select the Help Topic Account / Can't Sign In so we may troubleshoot the issue.

For more information about resetting your password, click here to open the password reset FAQ. If you are having trouble or are otherwise unable to reset your password, give us a call at 573-681-5888, or click here to open a new ticket and select the Help Topic Account / Password Reset so that we may help you reset your password.

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