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How do I reset my password?
Last Updated a year ago

You may reset your password using Microsoft's Self Service Password Reset feature.

Using the Password Reset feature requires you to have previously signed in to your Microsoft 365 account and set up at least 2 multi-factor authentication methods.

  • If it's your first time signing in to 365 and you aren't sure how to do so, you can follow this guide.
  • For help setting up MFA during your first-time sign in, click here.
  • To add, remove, and edit your MFA devices and settings, click here.

The old way of resetting your password that we are planning to change or remove, is using the Blue Tiger Portal. This method requires setting up security questions after you sign in; these questions are case-sensitive and must be entered exactly as they were set (including all whitespace). This is cumbersome, and will eventually be retired. We recommend using the new method. If you do still want to use security questions, you may set them up on this page and reset your password using them on this page.

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