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Changes to Printing in 2023
Last Updated a year ago

Blue Tigers,

We are happy that everyone is having a much easier time using the printers on campus since we switched to PaperCut. With that in mind, there are a few more changes we are making to let your experience be even better!

Your PaperCut Login ID has changed

In order to sign in to the printers on campus, all you need to do is type in your full 7-digit Lincoln ID number, with the zeroes at the beginning. We previously allowed either form (e.g. both the full 7-digit 0023456 and abbreviated 23456 would work), but due to some backend changes, only the full ID (e.g. 0023456) is now supported.

The reason for this change is that staff members that are also students can now sign in to their student accounts by appending an s to the end of their LU ID. This allows for staff members to still use the campus printers as a student or for non-LU purposes, without incurring a charge to their department. We encourage all staff members to use their student account in such situations. For example, a staff member with the ID 0023456 would use the ID 0023456s to log in as a student. Note that staff and student accounts do not share print jobs, so staff will need to sign in with their student account—i.e. username with s at the end, for example alinc123 becomes alinc123s)

Scan your card at printers!

If you’d rather not have to type in your LU ID to the printers at all, you’ll love this change. Many of you may have already seen card readers appear on the smaller printers, or may have been told in passing about the card readers hidden inside the larger printers. We would like to formally announce that you can now scan your LU card on any multi-function Sharp printer to sign in to PaperCut!

Compatible printers will either have a visible card reader attached on the side:

Card reader on the side of the printer for signing in with ID card.
Tap your Lincoln ID to this card reader to sign in.

…or a sticker indicating where to scan your card, for internal readers:

Front of larger printer with sticker showing wher to tap ID card to login.
Tap ID card on the sticker to login.

Here’s a closer look at the sticker:

Close up of sticker on front of larger printers.
Place your ID card on this sticker to login.

If you don’t see a sticker and can’t find a card reader, please give the Helpdesk a call at 573-681-5888, send us an email at, or submit a ticket on the website.

Add print funds directly from PaperCut!

Students, we realize that it’s cumbersome to have to call the Cashiers or go down to Young Hall if you run out of print funds. But now, you can easily add to your print balance by visiting the PaperCut site and clicking “Add Funds”:

Image showing where to add print funds in Papercut.
Reload your own print balance using Papercut.

Student worker accounts can now print!

Student workers and their respective departments, your student workers can now log in to PaperCut using their student worker account username and release documents! We have done our best to assign these student worker accounts to budgets that make sense. Some student workers were unable to be assigned to a budget due to their broad potential use, so if your student worker account doesn’t work, please let us know so that we can work something out.

If you aren’t sure what your department’s credentials are, please give the Helpdesk a call at 573-681-5888, send us an email at, or submit a ticket on the website.

This is my first time hearing about PaperCut / Tell me more about PaperCut

Please see our documentation about printing here:

We would also like to take this time to remind you that you can upload documents to print using Web Print, check what jobs you have printed recently, release documents from the PaperCut queue, and more, all from the PaperCut website.

You can find more articles in the knowledgebase.

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