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How to print and release documents
Last Updated 2 years ago

PaperCut is our new print management system. With it, you can print to any connected printer on campus, from any device.

How do I print from an LU computer?

All Lincoln University computers are connected to PaperCut. When you are asked what printer to select when printing a document, the PaperCut printer will send it to the virtual queue.

Virtual queue? / How do I release documents?

The virtual queue contains documents waiting to be printed. When you print to the PaperCut printer, the print jobs go to this queue.

Most multifunction printers on campus allow you to log in to PaperCut using your Lincoln ID. When you log in, find the Release Document button to view all of the documents in the queue that are waiting to be printed. You can select documents from the list to print, or delete them from the queue. On most MFPs, you can also adjust extra settings like number of copies before printing. Printed documents will be printed at the printer you are logged in to.

If you are using a printer that can't be logged into, or you want to start printing your job in advance, you can also release documents to any printer on the web. Simply log in, select your print job, select the printer you want to print to, and watch the magic happen!

What about my personal devices?

Check out these instructions to set up PaperCut Mobility Print on your device! Whether it's your Windows laptop, MacBook, smartphone, or even Linux gaming rig in your dorm room, getting started with PaperCut and Lincoln printers only takes a few minutes, and it just as easy as any home printer—maybe even easier.

Having trouble, or want more options?

If you don't have the time or ability to set up our printers on your system, you can instead log in to PaperCut on the web and upload your document directly! PaperCut's Web Print feature supports all popular document formats, including images, Word documents, PDFs, and more. Visit the page to see what all is supported.

You can also send documents to the queue by attaching your document to an email and sending it to The same formats that are supported by Web Print are also supported by Email to Print.

If you want to skip having to release documents, you can add the printer directly using the Add/Remove Printer feature on Windows, or the Add a Printer dialogue on Mac. If you run into any problems adding your printer, or need any other assistance, please contact us.

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