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I inherited a desk phone, what do I do?
Last Updated 3 years ago

As a new Lincoln employee, you may inherit a phone extension that used to belong to another employee. Or, as an existing employee, maybe you've moved desks and the phone that was already there is not set up for you yet.

The first thing you should do is check with your immediate superior or department head to see if they have already submitted a ticket to ITS. For new employees, getting your phone extension set up is part of the account creation process. For existing employees, we are generally made aware of significant office moves.

However, if a ticket was not submitted to get your phone set up, please submit a ticket yourself, or ask your supervisor. You may also call the helpdesk at 573-681-5888 for assistance. We will take care of making sure your phone is set up for use in the correct department, reset the voicemail, and update the name that shows up for the extension.

While ITS will take care of changing the name associated with the number, you are going to want to change the voicemail greeting and recorded name yourself. You can change your voicemail greeting and recorded name after your phone has been set up by following the instructions here.

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