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How do I send a fax?
Last Updated 2 years ago

The Lincoln campus provides a system that allows you to send faxes by sending an email to a special email address. Faxes can be sent either from your Lincoln email account. All you have to do is send an email to the fax machine's phone number with an 8 before it, at

Let's say you want to send a fax to 573-012-3456. Since this is a local number, you can omit the area code. The recipient email address would look like this:

If you are sending a fax to a number outside of the 573 area code, you need to include the area code and the country code. The North American country code is 1. With country code and area code, the email address would look like this:

Send faxes from a GFI printer/scanner

  1. Go to the GFI device and scan your document to your own email address.
  2. Open your email and forward the message to the fax email address, for example  This would fax your scanned document to the number 672-5422

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