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How do I keep my extension when moving to another phone?
Last Updated 3 years ago

Let's say that you're a Lincoln employee and you have a working phone in your office, but you are moving to a new office—temporarily or permanently—that already has a phone. If you want, you can keep your existing phone number and just move the number to the phone in your new office. This can be done by following the steps below. Be aware that if you are switching from one phone to another can cause you to lose all the programmed keys or speed dials, so be sure to write down any numbers you want to transfer to your new phone.

On your current phone:

Dial #02 to reset your phone. This will free up your extension so that it can be moved to the phone in your new office. Please note that your voicemail will not be affected by the reset, it is attached to your extension and not the phone itself.

On your new phone:

  1. If the phone says "Out of Service," then the phone has already been reset and you can skip to Step 2. Otherwise, dial #02 to reset the phone.
  2. Press any key on the phone.
  3. Enter your extension using the dial pad.
  4. Let the phone reboot. Please note that the phones take a few minutes to reboot and they sometimes need to restart more than once.
  5. Test your voicemail (dial 2800 or use the voicemail button on the phone) and make a call to see if it is working.

If you have an issue with any of the above steps, please call helpdesk at 573-681-5888 for immediate assistance. If you followed all the instructions but the destination phone is not working properly, please open a ticket.

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